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Need third kind of quotation marks in JavaScript

I'm changing the HTML using javascript. Therefore, I have a String that saves the HTML code, since it is produced in a for-loop. In it there is an

tag. To the
tag I want to add an
which calls a function with a parameter which is saved in a javascript variable.

let parameter = "p1";
let to_html_String = "<a href='#' onClick='create_sprite_window("+parameter+")'></a>";
document.getElementById('sidebar_left_sprites').innerHTML = to_html_String;

This does not work because it would prodece the following html:

<a href='#' onClick='create_sprite_window(p1)'></a>

It does not work because there are no quotation marks before and after p1.
My problem is that I would need a third kind of quotation marks in order to solve this.
In the following example I will use # where I would need those quotation marks:

let parameter = "p1";
let to_html_String = "<a href='#' onClick='create_sprite_window(#"+parameter+"#)'></a>";
document.getElementById('sidebar_left_sprites').innerHTML = to_html_String;

I can't use a single quotation mark because it would end the onClick and I can't use double beacuse it would end to_html_String.

Are there third quotation marks or is there an other way to solve this?

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Answer Source

If you're using ES6, you can use template strings like

let foo = `Hello "World's"`;

Anyway - why wouldn't you just escape your quotation marks ?

let bar = 'hello \' world';
let buz = "hello \" world";
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