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Ajax Question

List of <p:ajax> events

I've searched the Internet and I cannot find a list of

events. Can anyone provide a complete list of events for the

I'm particularly interested if there is an
event or something similar.

Answer Source

You can search for "Ajax Behavior Events" in PrimeFaces User's Guide, and you will find plenty of them for all supported components. That's also what PrimeFaces lead Optimus Prime suggest to do in this related question at the PrimeFaces forum <p:ajax> event list?

There is no onblur event, that's the HTML attribute name, but there is a blur event. It's just without the "on" prefix like as the HTML attribute name. You can also look at all "on*" attributes of the tag documentation of the component in question to see which are all available, e.g. <p:inputText>.

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