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Sass (Sass) Question

SASS error: can't import Compass

I've been using sass and compass on this computer for a few months with no issues.

Additionally, my config.rb and sass directories have always been set up the same way, and they're the same on all of my projects.

Recently, I started getting this error in Sublime when I build the sass:

Sass::SyntaxError: File to import not found or unreadable: compass.

The first line of my .scss file is
@import "compass";
, so I see this error in Terminal:
error sass/style.scss (Line 36 of _vertical_rhythm.scss: Incompatible units: 'px' and 'em'.)

I've been searching for days, and I see answers around some of this stuff (the vertical-rhythm specifically), but nothing is my exact problem, and I can't find a solution.

My compass version is 0.12.5 (Alnilam), and my sass version is 3.3.4 (Maptastic Maple).

At work, everything compiles fine with the exact same files, working from the exact same GitHub repo. I need to check my versions of compass and sass at work tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'm stumped.

Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone?

Answer Source

After a month of troubleshooting, the solution ended up being simpler than expected.

I uninstalled all versions of both Sass and Compass, and then I installed the latest Compass and let it install Sass automatically.

So after doing sudo gem uninstall compass and sudo gem uninstall sass, I did sudo gem install compass. That installed both Compass and its dependencies (Sass version 3.2.19). (I'm on a Mac, so I had to use sudo.)


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