Tander Tander - 1 year ago 151
Objective-C Question

iOS7 Tabbar icons too big

Seems I am having difficulty with something as simple as icons.

I am building an app for iOS7 only and thus, devices are retina displays (excluding iPad 2). So I made up some 60 x 60 icons for my tabbar. However these are just too big. And 30 x 30 is a little pixelated.

Here is what a 60 x 60 icon looks like:

enter image description here

Can someone tell me why this is happening?

Answer Source

Keep 60x60px icons but rename them as iconName@2x.png which iOS will automatically reduce to 30x30 points, roughly to half of the original size on retina devices.

If you are using assets catalogue, please make sure your icons are set to 2x icon sets.

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