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laravel : php artisan not working

I know there is bunch of answer out there and none of them solved my problem. I am giving a try again in 2016 may be some one can help.

php artisan make:migration createxxxtable

don't show any error and it don't create the file

neither of these function output anything too.

php artisan list
php artisan help migrate

Its not new project. I had been working on this project earlier and it was working fine. Created bunch of migration.

I tried deleting everying inside vendor and do
composer install
composer update
still no luck.

I did tried command like dump-autoload , optimize , clear-compiled etc. too


Answer Source

Ok found the solution. I don't know whats the reason. But it was because I was using url() helper in a custom config file i created in config folder. The config file and value of url and others works fine all across the website but it just break artisan command. I don't know why.

Removing that url() helper from my custom config file solved the problem.

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