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jQuery Question

For loop index source selector

Any ideas why the code returns the

when outside the
loop, but inside it returns
for each loop?

var deckCount = $(".deck").children().length;
var findCard = $(".deck > .card:eq(1) > img").attr("src");
console.log("findCard eq1: " , findCard);

for(i=0 ; i < deckCount; i++)
var findCard = $(".deck > .card:eq(i) > img").attr("src");
console.log("findCard i: " , findCard);

View here:
the code is part of the next button in the image gallery.

Answer Source

You have to pass the value of i from the variable as follows:

var findCard = $(".deck > .card:eq("+i+") > img").attr("src");

In your case the i is within the selector and it is prohibiting the selection from happening since it is an invalid attribute to the eq()

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