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Bash Question

How do I run multiple background commands in bash in a single line?

I normally run multiple commands with something like this:

sleep 2 && sleep 3


sleep 2 ; sleep 3

but what if I want to run them both in the background from one command line command?

sleep 2 & && sleep 3 &

doesn't work. And neither does replacing

Is there a way to do it?

Answer Source

Exactly how do you want them to run? If you want them to be started in the background and run sequentially, you would do something like this:

(sleep 2; sleep 3) &

If, on the other hand, you would like them to run in parallel in the background, you can instead do this:

sleep 2 & sleep 3 &

And the two techniques could be combined, such as:

(sleep 2; echo first finished) & (sleep 3; echo second finished) &

Bash being bash, there's often a multitude of different techniques to accomplish the same task, although sometimes with subtle differences between them.

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