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Java Question

Overriding abstract method with an extended interface as parameter

I have the following abstract class:

public abstract class A {

protected abstract void initBuffer(GL3 gl);

and an extending class of A:

public class Aimplementation extends A {
@Override // error
protected void initBuffer(GL4 gl);

interface extends

public interface GL4 extends GL4ES3, GL3{

So I thought, ok, I can override it, but it turned it out I can't

method does not override or implement a method from a supertype

I also tried with generic:

protected abstract <T extends GL3> void initBuffer(T gl);

No way

Why can't

Loc Loc
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Why can't Aimplementation.initBuffer() override A.initBuffer()?

CAN but the way you did is overloading, Not overriding

You can do like this

public abstract class A<T extends GL3> {

    protected abstract void initBuffer(T gl);

public class Aimplementation extends A<GL4> {

    protected void initBuffer(GL4 gl) {

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