Martin Martin - 2 years ago 242
AngularJS Question

Checking if object is empty, works with ng-show but not from controller?

I have a JS object declared like so

$scope.items = {};

I also have a $http request that fills this object with items. I would like to detect if this item is empty, it appears that ng-show supports this... I enter


and magically it works,I would also like to do the same from a controller but i can't seem to get it to work, it appears I may have to iterate over the object to see if it has any properties or use lodash or underscore.

Is there an alternative?

I did try

alert($scope.items == true);

but it always returns false , when the object is created and when populated with
, so its not working that way.

Answer Source

Use an empty object literal isn't necessary here, you can use null or undefined:

$scope.items = null;

In this way, ng-show should keep working, and in your controller you can just do:

if ($scope.items) {
    // items have value
} else {
    // items is still null

And in your $http callbacks, you do the following:

$http.get(..., function(data) {
    $scope.items = {
        data: data,
        // other stuff
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