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Ruby Question

how to get the specific error when fail in ruby

I try to use rescue, but the error that i get is unclear,
and is same error in different cases (e.g in illegal port and already used port.)

require 'socket'

server =
rescue => ex
puts "An error of type #{ex.class} happened, message is #{ex.message}"

and I get
=> An error of type TypeError happened, message is no implicit conversion of nil into String

Answer Source

You may mean to use instead of open(). Open would expect an address to bind, and a block to handle incoming requests, I think.

Regarding the error, it is relatively clear anyway. It is throwing a TypeError which generally means you're giving something the wrong type of input. In this case, you're sending an integer to which (according to this example: seems to be expecting a string and an integer.

I'm wrong! Sorry. Very strange.

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