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Mouse Hover not working?

I am working on some html5 pages where I used css hover property on a hyperlink. I want that when click on some titles as shown in image the hover color is get fix and right now when we hover on other titles hove are working and if we click other their color will be fix and 1st one will white and specially all the time hover are working. In my case every thing works fine when i click on title color is fixed but the hover to other titles are not working I used javascript's onclick event to fix hover color. Can any one specify any help ASAp.Title Hover Problem

<a href="#Main-Services-Page" id="Services-TechnicalSupport-Link-Button" onClick="ShowTechnicalSupportDiv();FixHeadercolorTechnicalSupportBlue();FixHeadercolorSmartCloudServicesWhite();FixHeadercolorInteriorDesignServicesWhite();FixHeadercolorUiCustomizationWhite();ServicesProductEnqBlueMiddleIcon()">
Technical Support
<p class="SubTitleHeadings" style="font-size:13px; line-height:15px"> We serve customers problems </p>
<p class="SubTitleHeadings" style="font-size:13px; line-height:1px"> on technical issues</p>

function FixHeadercolorTechnicalSupportBlue()
var col=document.getElementById("Services-TechnicalSupport-Link-Button");"#66ffff";

Answer Source

You are using this function onclick use onmouseover. how can you expect the hover will work like this

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