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Back button in Toolbar not working

I have simply Activity which is child of ActionBarActivity class. In the method I set OnCreate supported the toolbar. For this I override the OnOptionsItemSelected, so when I press the back button was performed some action

The code looks like this:

[Activity (Label = "SimplyActivity", Theme="@style/MyTheme")]
public class SimplyActivity : ActionBarActivity
private Toolbar toolbar;
// ...
// OnCreate method
this.toolbar = FindViewById<Toolbar>(Resource.Id.toolbar);
SetSupportActionBar (this.toolbar);
SupportActionBar.SetDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled (true);
SupportActionBar.SetHomeButtonEnabled (true);

public override bool OnOptionsItemSelected (IMenuItem item)
if (item.TitleFormatted == null) {
this.OnBackPressed ();

return base.OnOptionsItemSelected (item);

Unfortunately, as long as the toolbar is displayed correctly, this is no longer any reaction when keys are pressed back. I would add that in other activities (which uses fragments) everything works correctly.

Please help me

Answer Source

The problem turned out to be really strange. Layout, which was using the action bar had RelativeLayout. After changing to LinearLayout attribute android:gravity = "vertical", everything works correctly.

Thanks all for help

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