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Where do I put the dlls for edge.js to access

I have been using edge.js to call a C# function from within my Node.js app, however when I go to execute the C# code I get for example:

Metadata file 'System.Collections.Generic.dll' could not be found

Metadata file 'System.Text.dll' could not be found


My code is this below, basically wanting to run a SSIS package using a stored procedure which I am calling from C#. Basically all my referenced dll's can't be found? Where should I put the dlls for edge to find them?

var executeSQL = edge.func(function() {
#r "System.Data.dll"
#r "System.Collections.Generic.dll"
#r "System.Linq.dll"
#r "System.Text.dll"

using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Data;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

public class StartUp

public async Task<object> Invoke(object input)
string result = string.Empty;
string packagePath = @"\SSISDB\test\package.dtsx";
string spName = "storedProcName";

using (var conn = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection("connectionString"))
using (var command = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand(spName, conn)
CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.StoredProcedure
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@PackagePath", packagePath);

return null;

I know I can do this without C# and just use a module within node like mssql to execute the stored procedure but this was just an example test to get used to using edge.js

Answer Source

The comment from stuartd was correct in the sense to put the dlls under the same directory as the script (which I had tried) but I was still having the same issue. I solved my problem by having my C# code as a separate file and then referenced that file as below as part of the executeSSIS function. payload is just the object that gets passed from my node.js script to my C# script. Doing it this way solved my issue.

var payload = {
        filePath: 'C:/temp/xlsx/' + req.file.filename,
        path: req.packageName,
        server: req.server 

var executeSSIS = edge.func({
        source: __dirname + '/cs/Program.cs',
        references: [
        __dirname + '/cs/System.Data.dll'

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