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How to work with complex numbers in java?

I am new to java and not sure how to deal with complex numbers in java. I am writing a code for my project. I have used Euler's identity, exp(itheeta) = cos(theeta)+iSin(theeta) to find exp(i*2*pi*f). I have to multiply this resulting complex number with another number from an array "d". Here is what I have done

Complex Data[][] = new Complex[20][20];
for (int j = 0; j < d.size(); j++){
for (int k = 0; k<20; k++){
for (int l = 0; l<20; l++){
double re = Math.cos(2 * Math.PI * f);
double im = Math.sin(2 * Math.PI * f);
Complex p = new Complex(re, im);
Data[k][l] = ((d.get(j) * p.getReal()), (d.get(j) * p.getImaginary()));

I am, however, getting an error on the expression
Data[k][l] = ((d.get(j) * p.getReal()), (d.get(j) * p.getImaginary()));
saying "The left-hand side of an assignment must be a variable".
Please help me resolve this issue. Thanks

Answer Source

Unfortunately, it doesn't work like in C++ with the copy constructors or overloaded assignment operators.

You'll have to explicitly call the constructor for your complex, like in

Data[k][l] = new Complex(realValue, imaginaryVal);

Of course, you'll need use methods of the complex to multiply two numbers, because there's no notion of any other operator overload in Java.

So, perhaps the Complex class might have some method which you might be able to use instead of the operators, like

class Complex {
  public static Complex mul(Complex c0, Complex c1) {
    double r0=c.getRe(), r1=c1.getRe();
    double i0=c.getIm(), i1=c1.getIm();
    return new Complex(r0*r1-i0*i1, r0*i1+r1*i0);

  public static Complex mulStore(Complex res, Complex c0, Complex c1) {
    double r0=c.getRe(), r1=c1.getRe();
    double i0=c.getIm(), i1=c1.getIm();
    if(res==null) {
      res=new Complex();
    return res;

  // equiv with this *= rhs;
  public void mulAssign(Complex rhs) {
    // perform the "this * rhs" multiplication and 
    // store the result in this. 
    Complex.mulStore(this, rhs, this);

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