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Can an Apple team 'member' export from xCode for iOS distribution?

I am having a 'member' role in an 'Apple Developer Enterprise Program' team. When I try to export for deployment, it comes with message - You are not allowed to perform this operation, Please check with one of your Team Admins. Based on limited knowledge, I understand that in order to export for deployment I need to have 'admin' role. Am I correct? Is there something like my team admin sending me some certificate / key and then I could use it? If yes, how?

UPDATE (Based on responses)

Simplifying the question:

Can a Team 'member' make a request for distribution signing certificate? Yes or No. If yes, how?

If answer of the above is yes, once a member get a certificate from admin - how is he supposed to use it? The way I export for deployment as admin - Product > Archive > Export and I get the IPA. The reason I asked this question because I am not able to do the same in a team for which I am just a member. Is it even possible that I can do it, or only an admin can do it?

P.S. A one or two line answer will help a lot instead of another website link.

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A team member cannot request distribution signing certificates, only development signing certificates. You need to ask an admin (or another person who has got access to the distribution cert from an admin) to hand you a distributions signing certificate. They can export their certificate from their keychain or Xcode (Settings->Accounts->Signing Identities) in .p12 format and send it to you.

A team member is probably meant for persons not trusted to sign code in the name of the company. This is how Apple intended the roles to work:

Team agent A team agent is legally responsible for the team and acts as the primary contact with Apple. The team agent can invite team members and change the access level of any other team member. There’s only one team agent.

Team admin A team admin can set the privilege levels of other team members, except the team agent. Team admins manage all assets used to sign your apps, either during development or when your team is ready to distribute an app. Team admins are the only people on a team who can sign apps for distribution on nondevelopment devices. Team admins also approve signing certificate requests made by team members.

Team member A team member can sign apps during development, but only after he or she makes a request for a development signing certificate and has that request approved by a team admin.

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