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Python Question

Run Code In Atom Code Editor

I have read numerous articles about running code in the Atom code editor, however, I cannot seem to understand how this can be done. Could anyone explain it in simpler terms?

I want to run my Python code in it and I have downloaded the 'python-tools-0.6.5' and 'atom-script-2.29.0' files from the Atom website and I just need to know how to get them working.

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From Atom > Preferences > Install:

Search for atom-runner package and install it.

After you have installed the package atom-runner on Atom;

Create a new document and copy&paste your code to new document and save the document with .py extension. For example

Last step execute the atom-runner using this shortcut:

Hit Ctrl+R (Alt+R on Win/Linux) to launch the runner for the active window.

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