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R Question

using R shiny server together with ggplot

Am using ggplot to plot a pie chart as in the code below in RStudio and its working fine. the problem is when i want to use R shiny server.

graphdatapie <-
c <- ggplot(graphdatapie, aes(x=rownames(graphdatapie),y=indicatorTotals,fill =
indicatorTotals)) + geom_bar(width = 1,stat="identity")
print(c + coord_polar(theta = "y"))

the data is this format

ANC 1st visit 248777
ANC 2nd visit 231914
ANC 3rd visit 162062
ANC 4th or more visits 99528

I get the following error message from the R shiny server ui.R.

Error:object 'graphdatapie' not found.

What could be the problem???

Answer Source

Add the following to the ggplot function: environment=environment() i.e

ggplot(graphdatapie, aes(x=rownames(graphdatapie),y=indicatorTotals,fill = 
             indicatorTotals), environment=environment()) 

Then restart the shiny-server. That will solve the problem.

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