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C# Question

C# dll to use in classic ASP

I have the following C# code

namespace testDll
class testDLL
public int add(int val)
return val + 5;

Created dll using Visual Studio Express 2010 i.e going to projet properties, changing the output type to classlibrary and Make assembly COM visible.
Everytime I try to register the dll using regsvr32.exe

I get error
dllregisterserver entrypoint was not found

Answer Source

you cannot Register a .net dll with regsvr32.exe. you have to use regasm.exe. look here for a description

generally you just use

regasm.exe NameOfDotNetDLL.dll /codebase

furthermore you have to add the ComVisible attribute to your class and every method you want to have comvisible like so

[ComVisibleAttribute( true )]
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