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PHP Question

How to exclude a number be be selected from a random function?

I am trying to come up with the simplest code to generate a random number from a range but excluding one number, in this case "2".

Do I really need an "if" a "do" and a "while" to accomplish this?

<!DOCTYPE html>

$x = rand(1,5);
if ($x == 2) {
do {
echo "The number is: $x <br>";
$x = rand(1,5);
} while ($x == 2);
echo "The number is: $x <br>";


Answer Source

You can do this:

$exclude = array(2);
while(in_array(($x = rand(1,5)), $exclude));
echo $x;

It works because the rand may return a variable in the array, which would then retrigger the while loop.

With this, you can build an array of all the numbers you want to exclude.

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