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Xcode 8 custom font doesn't show up in interface builder

I am trying to use custom font (Bebas Neue) in my iOS application. The steps I took are:

  1. Copy the .otf files to the project.

  2. Confirm the .otf files have set the project as target.

  3. Added the .otf files in 'Fonts provided by application' in plist.

  4. In Build Phases, the .otf files are in 'Copy Bundle Resources'.

  5. Install the font on my Mac.

  6. Try to print out all fonts available but I can't see my custom font.

The code I used:

for name in UIFont.familyNames() {
if let nameString = name as? String

  1. Trying to set the font in code and it worked.

The code I used:

textLabel?.font = UIFont(name: "BebasNeueRegular", size: 14)

  1. But I can't set it in interface builder. Any idea?



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Try This Code: Tested in Swift 3.

Step 1: Add Your custom font into your project( Make sure Add to Target ticked).I am using "PermanentMarker.ttf","Pecita.otf" and "AROLY.ttf" font as a test font.

Note: Supporting font Type ttf and otf (Both font types should work)

Step 2: Modify the application-info.plist file. Add the key "Fonts provided by application" in a new row and add "PermanentMarker.ttf" as new item in the Array "Fonts provided by application".

Your plist should looks like this

enter image description here

Now the font will be available in Interface Builder. To use the custom font in code we need to refer to it by name, but the name often isn’t the same as the font’s filename

Now, You can access the Custom Font from your viewController. I am testing the font by placing a UIlabel to the Storyboard like below.

Update 2: Working Solution

After, imported your custom font and updated your plist.selectlabel from your storyBoard,goto Attributes Inspectorunder Label>Text type> select to Attributed and choose your custom font from the list.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here


enter image description here

Update 1

If your custom font still not listed in Xcode font list.check the related link to your issue

Note: Still,You can assign BebasNeue or custom font programatically to your label or button etc. even its not showing in your interface Builder.If you having trouble setting font to your object programatically.try below method.

Assign font to UILabel:

    label?.font = UIFont(name: "BebasNeue", size: 35) // Set to any size

Assign font to UIButton:

    button.titleLabel?.font = UIFont(name: "BebasNeue", size: 35)

Assign font to UITextField:

    textField.font = UIFont(name: "BebasNeue", size: 25) 

Assign font to UINavigationBar:

    navigationController?.navigationBar.titleTextAttributes = [NSFontAttributeName: UIFont(name: "BebasNeue", size: 25)!, NSForegroundColorAttributeName:]

Assign font to UIToolBar:

    UIBarButtonItem.appearance().setTitleTextAttributes([NSFontAttributeName: UIFont(name: "BebasNeue", size: 25.0)!], for: UIControlState.normal)


enter image description here