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spool for insert in sql developer not working

I have below select query for which the result of this query i want to create insert scripts and saved it in files. I have used spool.

set long 10000
set lines 100000
set sqlformat insert
spool c:\temp\Insert_TEST_GRP.sql
where TEST_DATE =
( select min(TEST_DATE)
from TEST_GRP sd2
where sd.ID = sd2.ID
and sd.TEST_DATE <> TO_DATE ('01.01.2000', '');
spool off

The file has been created. But when i view the file i am getting the result which is not in the form of insert statements as i want to run this insert statement again.

Below hows the data looks like in file which looks in incorrect format:
enter image description here

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We don't have access to your table or your data.

But here it is working with the demo schema HR and its EMPLOYEES table

set sqlformat insert
spool c:\users\jdsmith\desktop\SO_inserts.sql
select * from employees;
spool off

enter image description here

You're using SET LONG - does your table have LOBS in it?

Also, I noticed you asked this same question on the OTN Forums...

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