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Update two tables using laravel

Hi how can i update a values in two tables my code as shown as below cases:

public function subscriberprofileupdate($ids, Request $request) {
$profile = Subscriberinfo::find($ids);
$id = \Auth::user()->id;
$user_id = \Auth::user()->user_id;
$subscriber_id = \Auth::user()->subscriber_id;
$inputteacher = $request->all();

$profile->contact_person_firstname = $inputteacher['contact_person_firstname'];
$profile->contact_person_lastname = $inputteacher['contact_person_lastname'];
$profile->email = $inputteacher['email'];
return Redirect('/subscriber/profile');

If i can update email in subscriber table means that it will also update on users table also by using the user_id.
How can i make it.

Answer Source

You can simply:

User::where('id',$user_id)->update(['email' => $inputteacher['email']]);

It will update the Users table email where is $user_id

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