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Django -- Conditional Login Redirect

I am working on a Django application that will have two types of users: Admins and Users. Both are groups in my project, and depending on which group the individual logging in belongs to I'd like to redirect them to separate pages. Right now I have this in my

LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = 'admin_list'

This redirects all users who sign in to 'admin_list', but the view is only accessible to members of the Admins group -- otherwise it returns a 403. As for the login view itself, I'm just using the one Django provides. I've added this to my main file to use these views:

url(r'^accounts/', include('django.contrib.auth.urls')),

How can I make this so that only members of the Admins group are redirect to this view, and everyone else is redirected to a different view?

Answer Source

Create a separate view that redirects user's based on whether they are in the admin group.

from django.shortcuts import redirect

def login_success(request):
    Redirects users based on whether they are in the admins group
    if request.user.groups.filter(name="admins").exists():
        # user is an admin
        return redirect("admin_list")
        return redirect("other_view")

Add the view to your,

url(r'login_success/$', views.login_success, name='login_success')

then use it for your LOGIN_REDIRECT_VIEW setting.

LOGIN_REDIRECT_VIEW = 'login_success'
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