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Socket accept - "Too many open files"

I am working on a school project where I had to write a multi-threaded server, and now I am comparing it to apache by running some tests against it. I am using autobench to help with that, but after I run a few tests, or if I give it too high of a rate (around 600+) to make the connections, I get a "Too many open files" error.

After I am done with dealing with request, I always do a

on the socket. I have tried to use the
function as well, but nothing seems to help. Any way around this?

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There are multiple places where Linux can have limits on the number of file descriptors you are allowed to open.

You can check the following:

cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max

That will give you the system wide limits of file descriptors.

On the shell level, this will tell you your personal limit:

ulimit -n

This can be changed in /etc/security/limits.conf - it's the nofile param.

However, if you're closing your sockets correctly, you shouldn't receive this unless you're opening a lot of simulataneous connections. It sounds like something is preventing your sockets from being closed appropriately. I would verify that they are being handled properly.

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