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Node.js Question

Default Install Location: IONIC, NODEJS

I came accross an issue today, when i installed ionic and cordova for a test project. i did this

npm install -g cordova ionic

ionic start myapp tabs

Problem that i faced was that nothing happened, i searched around but could not find a reasonable answer. this is what i found:

But i believed it is an environment issue. So i cleanedup. removed old builds and did a fresh build but nothing much of success.


1) Where is default location for creating the app folder is defined when we do 'start ionic app-name'

2) If app-name folder is not created and command completes without any errors, what should be next course of action.

i hope some one can help out.


Answer Source

I solved my problem (stated above) by upgrading node.js and reinstalling ionic package after removing it.

Second i also found out that to specify path to app location, below command will work.

ionic start [absolute-path-to-app-folder] [template-optional]


ionic start c:\myApp will create a blank app in C drive

Hope this can help someone. i spent a week digging this out.

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