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Access model in view model in Aurelia Compose

So according to the heading Dynamically Render UI into the DOM based on Data here (scroll down a bit).

<template repeat.for="item of items">
<compose model.bind="item" view-model="widgets/${item.type}"></compose>

If you take it more simply:

<compose model.bind="item" view-model="itemViewModel.js"></compose>

If I have an
and a
, they both get successfully loaded. However, how do you access the bound model in the

I tried using the

import {bindable, bindingMode} from 'aurelia-framework';

export class ItemViewModel {
@bindable model;

constructor() {
console.log("using bindable", this);

Is this possible?

Answer Source

<compose model.bind="item" will call a method activate(model) in your viewmodel and give you the item.

// the model received here is the *item* from the above <compose activate(model){ this.model = model; }

If you want to pass multiple models in the bind you can do

<compose model.bind="{item: item, value: value}"

Then you get:

activate(model){ this.item = model.item; this.value = model.value; }

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