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How to create an Excel File with Nodejs?

I am a nodejs programmer . Now I have a table of data that I want to save in Excel File format . How do I go about doing this ?

I found a few Node libraries . But most of them are Excel Parsers rather than Excel Writers .I am using a Linux Server . Hence need something that can run on Linux . Please let me know if there are any helpful libraries that you know of .

Or is there a way I can convert a CSV file to an xls file ( programmatically ) ?

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I just figured a simple way out . This works -

Just create a file with Tabs as delimiters ( similar to CSV but replace comma with Tab ). Save it with extension .XLS . The file can be opened in Excel .

Some code to help --

var fs = require('fs');
var writeStream = fs.createWriteStream("file.xls");

var header="Sl No"+"\t"+" Age"+"\t"+"Name"+"\n";
var row1 = "0"+"\t"+" 21"+"\t"+"Rob"+"\n";
var row2 = "1"+"\t"+" 22"+"\t"+"bob"+"\n";



This creates the file in XLS file format . It doesnt work if you try XLSX instead of XLS .

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