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prevent Scroll "bubbling" from element to window

I have a modal box window (pop-up) that contains an iframe,

and inside that iframe there's a div that is scrollable.

When I scroll the iframe's inner DIV, and it has reached its top or bottom limit,
the window of the browser itself starts to scroll. this is an unwanted behavior.

I've tried something like this, which kills the main window scroll when
onMouseEnter when mouse enters pop-up box area:

e.preventDefault() is not working as it should for some reason...

$(window).bind("scroll", function(e){


Seems like now in 2013
is enough...

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Sorry, as far as I'm aware it is impossible to cancel any kind of scroll event.

Both W3 and MSDN say:

Cancelable  No
Bubbles     No

I think you'll have to leave this up to browser authors to fix. Firefox (3.5 on Linux, anyway) seems to have a better behaviour for me: it only scrolls the parent if the child is already at the top/bottom end at the moment you start using the scrollwheel.