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How can I run Android camera application from adb shell?

How can I run android camera program from adb shell?

I know that I should use am but I do not know what command should I exactly enter

I used this:

am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n

But it didn't work!

Answer Source

Alternatively, you can start the camera in 2 other ways

  1. Image capture mode: adb shell "am start -a"
  2. Video capture mode: adb shell "am start -a"

Other information

  1. To focus: adb shell "input keyevent KEYCODE_FOCUS"
  2. To take a photo or start/stop recording: adb shell "input keyevent KEYCODE_CAMERA"

Other notes

f the keycode string e.g KEYCODE_CAMERA, does not work, lookup the constant value from the API description. Example: KEYCODE_CAMERA

KEYCODE_CAMERA: Added in API level 1
Constant Value: 27 (0x0000001b)
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