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AngularJS Question

Angular define own directive

I'm currently trying to define my own directive in Angular, which doesn't to more then a

. What I tried was the following:


export default function () {
return {
bindToController: {
val: '=log-dir'
controllerAs: '$ctrl',
template: "",
controller: function () {

Then I import the directive:

import logDirDirective from '../../directives/log.directive';

and add it to my module:


And then, in my HTML I try to use it as:

<div class="......" log-dir>

What I expected now, is to see
in my console after loading, but I don't. Where is the mistake?

PS: Please note that I'm relatively new to angular and completely new to selfmade directives, so my mistake might me very trivial.

Answer Source

Directive names and binding/scope config must conform to normalization conventions. It means that correct definition of the directive should be:

angular.module(MODULE_NAME).directive('logDir', logDirDirective);

And the same for bindings config:

bindToController: {
    val: '=logDir'

Check "AngularJs directive naming conventions" question for more detailed answer to why.


Here is a demo of variations with @ and = bindings:

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