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Android Question

How to disable RecyclerView scrolling?

I cannot disable scrolling in the

. I tried calling
but I can still scroll.

How can I disable scrolling?

Answer Source

You should override the layoutmanager of your recycleview for this. This way it will only disable scrolling, none of ther other functionalities. You will still be able to handle click or any other touch events. For example:-


 public class CustomGridLayoutManager extends LinearLayoutManager {
 private boolean isScrollEnabled = true;

 public CustomGridLayoutManager(Context context) {

 public void setScrollEnabled(boolean flag) {
  this.isScrollEnabled = flag;

 public boolean canScrollVertically() {
  //Similarly you can customize "canScrollHorizontally()" for managing horizontal scroll
  return isScrollEnabled && super.canScrollVertically();

Here using "isScrollEnabled" flag you can enable/disable scrolling functionality of your recycle-view temporarily.


Simple override your existing implementation to disable scrolling and allow clicking.

 linearLayoutManager = new LinearLayoutManager(context) {
 public boolean canScrollVertically() {
  return false;
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