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ASP.NET (C#) Question

jQuery div dialog open in the same page

I used jQuery div dialog to show new user page as show in picture


But when I press save button the new userpage is opening in the same page as show in the picture



<ul class="menu" style="margin-left:10px; background-color:transparent; width:100%;">
<input type="button" ID="btnNew" value="Add New" style="background-color:transparent; border:0;" runat="server" />


btnNew.Attributes.Add("onClick", "ShowEntityEditor('NewUser.aspx','userID',0,'New User',300,650);")

JavaScript: (placed in the master page)

function ShowEntityEditor(url, pname, entityID, txttitle, h, w) {
var _editWindowDiv;
_editWindowDiv = $("#_editWindowDiv").dialog({
autoOpen: false,
height: h,
width: w,
position: 'center',
title: txttitle
_editWindowDiv.load(url + "?" + pname + "=" + entityID, function () {
$("#cancelButtoon").click(function () {
return false;

Answer Source

in the newUser.aspx page use the following code to prevent the page form being submitted. submit newUser.aspx will close the dialog and redirect to the page.

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