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Javascript Question

How trustworthy is javascript's random implementation in various browsers?

I would like to do some experimenting with javascript and encryption and I got curious as to how unpredictable the implementation of the random function is. Has anyone done any hard tests?

Clearly browsers have the ability to generate strong randomness (for ssl). The questions is do they give javascript access to the same strength.

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Generally, the random function is not cryptographically strong, for that you need to make sure you are using a cryptographic pseudo-random-number generator.

Generic random functions generally don't use cryptographically strong generation methods because they take longer than simple ones, (eg. Yarrow is more complicated than Mersenne Twister) and require careful management of the entropy pool, which is not a guarantee that Mozilla, cstdlib, etc. want to make to you.

If you need access to cryptographically strong random number generators, I'd look into getting access to the underlying SSL implementation (which a given browser may or may not allow access to).

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