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Testing route resolve in Angular

I am trying to test some conditions I have in a resolve on a route:


$routeProvider.when('/:room/login/', {
templateUrl: '/app/login/login.html',
controller: 'LoginCtrl',
resolve: {
auth: ['$q', 'RoomService', 'LoginService', '$location', '$route', function ($q, RoomService, LoginService, $location, $route) {
return RoomService.checkIfRoomExists($ (success) {
if (success === false) {
return $q.reject();
return LoginService.isUserLoggedIn().then(function (isloggedin) {
if (isloggedin === true) {
var currentPath = $location.path();
return $q.reject();
}, function (err) {
return $q.reject(err);
function (err) {
return $q.reject(err);

This is my test:

describe('LoginRoute', function()

var mockHttp, location, route, rootScope, loginService, roomService;

beforeEach(inject(function($httpBackend, $location, _$route_, $rootScope, LoginService, RoomService){
mockHttp = $httpBackend;
location = $location;
route = _$route_;
rootScope = $rootScope;
spyOn(LoginService, 'isUserLoggedIn');
spyOn(RoomService, 'checkIfRoomExists');
loginService = LoginService;
roomService = RoomService;

it('should check if room exists', function(done)

But when I run this in Karma it reports this error

TypeError: RoomService.checkIfRoomExists(...).then is not a function
at $routeProvider.when.resolve.auth (public/app/app.js:14:86)

The resolve finds the injected RoomService fine when I run it outside of testing.

Can you see why it can't resolve RoomService?

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Answer Source

It's the 'then' that is falling down, which you need to mock, so for example:

beforeEach(() => {
  angular.mock.module(services, ($provide) => {
    let RoomService = jasmine.createSpyObj('RoomService', ['checkIfRoomExists']);
        then: () => ({
          catch: () => true
    $provide.value('RoomService', RoomService);

Then you won't need to inject RoomService, as $provide will do it for you. Then you Spy should work (I haven't tested this out though) because .then() will be mocked correctly.

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