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Can't start Android emulator after installing Windows 10 Anniversary update

I just installed the Windows 10 anniversary update and now I can't start my Android emulators.

Android Studio shows the following message.

Android Emulator is incompatible with Hyper-V

But as you can see in the following image, Hyper-V is disabled.

Android Studio error

I already rebooted the machine. I also tried running the following command from an elevated command prompt:

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

No luck.

Tried launching the emulator from a command prompt fails with the following message:

emulator -avd Nexus_5_API_23
emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
Please ensure Intel HAXM is properly installed and usable.
CPU acceleration status: Please disable Hyper-V before using the Android Emulator. Start a command prompt as Administrator, run 'bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off', reboot.

Has anyone run into this issue?

Answer Source

The problem in my case is that I had Credential Guard and Virtualization Based Security.

I disabled the mentioned Windows 10 features using Device Guard and Credential Guard hardware readiness tool.

Unzip the tool, in a Powershell command go to the folder where you unzipped the tool and type:

DG_Readiness_Tool_v2.0.ps1 -Disable

After rebooting I was able to reinstall HAXM and start my emulators.

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