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Ruby Question

Sublime text 3 ugly syntax highlighting

I'm learning Ruby and I'm using Sublime Text 3 but I find the syntax highlighting really strange.

For example :

Ugly syntax

Even after setting the syntax to ruby.

Ruby syntax set

I'd like to know if this is normal, or if I need to change something on the users
settings or something like that.

Answer Source

The syntax file for Ruby (Ruby.sublime-syntax) contains a list of unresolved issues. Among them is:

      "p << end
      print me!
      not recognized as a heredoc
      there is no way to distinguish perfectly between the << operator and the start
      of a heredoc. Currently, we require assignment to recognize a heredoc. More
      refinement is possible.
      • Heredocs with indented terminators (<<-) are always distinguishable, however.
      • Nested heredocs are not really supportable at present

So yeah, it's normal.

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