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SCSS Mixin Error: expected a variable name (e.g. $x)

I get this error:

While processing files with fourseven:scss (for target web.browser):
/client/stylesheets/main.scss: Scss compiler error: expected a variable name (e.g. $x)
or ')' for the parameter list for pos-abs

This is my


@mixin pos-abs ($top, $right, $bottom, $left) {
position: absolute;
top: percentage($top + 'px' / $h);
right: percentage($right + 'px' / $w);
bottom: percentage($bottom + 'px' / $h);
left: percentage($left + 'px' / $w);

This is how I call


@mixin pos-abs(0, 313, 0, 12);

This is where I declared


$w: 375px;
$h: 662px;

This is my file load order:


@import "sizes";
@import "mixins";
@import "foo";

P.S. If I remove $h & $w
and hardcode them in the
(e.g. top: percentage($top + 'px' / 662px); )
-- I get the same error. If I remove all
+ 'px'
from my
and pass
to the mixin like:
@mixin pos-abs(0px, 313px, 0px, 12px);
-- the error persists.

Where is my mistake?

Answer Source

Problem 1:

The way you are calling the mixin seems to be wrong. The correct way would be to call it as follows:

@include [mixin-name]([mixin-params]);

When you write @mixin pos-abs..., the compiler seems to be expecting (and rightly so) a variable to follow the mixin name as that is a mixin definition statement and hence the error states that it expects a variable or a closing parenthesis to follow the opening parenthesis.

Problem 2:

Even after resolving that error, you'd still run into a problem with the percentage function. In that, you are appending the px via string concatenation to the number and this would make the whole value to be cast as a string instead of a number. This means any math operations on it would fail.

You should instead multiply the number with 1px or add 0px. This would not only add the units to the value but would also make it a number.

$w: 375px;
$h: 662px;

@mixin pos-abs ($top, $right, $bottom, $left) {
  position: absolute;
  top: percentage($top * 1px / $h);
  right: percentage($right * 1px / $w);
  bottom: percentage($bottom * 1px  / $h);
  left: percentage($left * 1px / $w);

  @include pos-abs(0, 313, 0, 12);
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