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Objective-C Question

For Apple App Store, can I choose an App name same as the App already on App store?

I want to give a name to my iOS App on App Store like “Come in” — (Just an example..)

I have 3 questions:

  • Suppose an App with this name already exist on App Store. Still, can I give that name to my App ?

  • Before choosing the name for my App, suppose I could not find App with this name on App Store, how can I be sure that this name is not already exists on App Store ?

  • Can I give a name with a very minor change compared to the App name already on App Store e.g. “Come In” or “Come in..” ? (Capitalize few letters or add dots at end).

Waiting for suggestions, thanks in advance !!!

Answer Source

I also faced the same issue in last app, its name is Dipp, in app store procedure, we Can't use the same name of another app. If u used the same name of the app, store will reject your app. For apple Documents of Metadata

enter image description here

but you can use like this extra parameter in your app name like Come or Come in. or Come In. . Inside your app you can use Come In or Come in does not a problem, but appstore submission dont add the same name

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