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Change required information to reset user password with Laravel

I am working on a project with Laravel 5.3, I got to a part where for the user to be able to reset his password, the boolean field

in the users table must be
. For this to work, I edited the method
of the file

* Send a reset link to the given user.
* @param \Illuminate\Http\Request $request
* @return \Illuminate\Http\RedirectResponse
public function sendResetLinkEmail(Request $request)
$this->validate($request, ['email' => 'required|email']);

* Prevent users who have not confirmed their account from resetting their password
$credentials = ['email' => $request->get('email'), 'confirmed' => 1];

// We will send the password reset link to this user. Once we have attempted
// to send the link, we will examine the response then see the message we
// need to show to the user. Finally, we'll send out a proper response.
$response = $this->broker()->sendResetLink(


* Removed because of the added variable $credentials
// $request->only('email')

if ($response === Password::RESET_LINK_SENT) {
return back()->with('status', trans($response));

// If an error was returned by the password broker, we will get this message
// translated so we can notify a user of the problem. We'll redirect back
// to where the users came from so they can attempt this process again.
return back()->withErrors(
['email' => trans($response)]

Everything is working correctly as I want but I am wondering. The
vendor directory contains the Composer dependencies
, so is it a good idea to edit the file as I did ?
In case, there is better way to do the same thing, kindly share it. Thanks for helping me.

Answer Source

you just override the sendResetLinkEmail method in ForgotPasswordController

class ForgotPasswordController extends Controller

    use SendsPasswordResetEmails;

    public function sendResetLinkEmail(Request $request)
        // implementation

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