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R Question

Internal links in rmarkdown don't work

I use rmarkdown to render pdf documents. Now I want to add internal links in the texts.

In the helping pages of rmarkdown, it says an internal link is defined as:

See the [Introduction](#introduction).

When I Use e.g. the next code there should be two internal links: link1 and link2. Both don't link. Is there something obvious that I am doing wrong? Many thanks in advance!

title: "Test"
author: "test test"
latex_engine: xelatex
number_sections: yes
toc: yes
toc_depth: 3
css: tables.css
number_sections: yes
theme: cerulean
toc: yes
toc_depth: 3
subtitle: test test test
mainfont: Calibri Light
fontsize: 12pt
- \usepackage[dutch]{babel}
- \usepackage{fancyhdr}
- \pagestyle{fancy}
- \fancyfoot[LE,RO]{this is a fancy foot}
- \usepackage{dcolumn}
- \usepackage{here}
- \usepackage{longtable}
- \usepackage{caption}
- \captionsetup{skip=2pt,labelsep=space,justification=justified,singlelinecheck=off}

# start

```{r results="asis",tidy=FALSE,eval=TRUE,echo=FALSE,message=FALSE, error=FALSE, warning=FALSE, comment = NA}
cat("click here: [link1](#test 1)")

click here: [link2](#test 1)


#test 3


#test 2


#test 1

Answer Source

You're not setting the anchors correctly.

Try the following:

# start

```{r results="asis",tidy=FALSE,eval=TRUE}
cat("click here: [link1](#test1)")

click here: [link2](#test1)


# test 3 {#test3}


#test 2 {#test2}


#test 1 {#test1}
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