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MySQL Question

How to get the newest data from database in Laravel 5.2

I have a database with these column :


For example in mydatabase now, I already have 5 data. Then I just want to take 3 newest data from my database. What command should I use? Right now I'm just using

$comIn = new CompanyInfo;
$modalData = $comIn->where('company_id',$cid)->get();

contains all of the five data available, actually I can create another variable to put the last 3 data from
. But I just want to do it by mysql command, Could I really do that ? What should I put in where

('company_id,$cid, bla bla bla bla bla...??)->get();

Answer Source

Do like this it will do the work

$comIn = new CompanyInfo;
$modalData = $comIn->where('company_id',$cid)->orderBy('id','desc')->take(3)->get();
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