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Javascript Question

set innerHTML of an iframe

In javascript, how can I set the innerHTML of an iframe? I mean: how to set, not get.

window["ifrm_name"].document.innerHTML= "<h1>Hi</h1>"
does not work, and the same for other solutions.

Iframe and parent document are on the same domain.

I would need to set html of the whole document iframe, not its body.

I would need to avoid jquery solution.

Answer Source

A really simple example ...

<iframe id="fred" width="200" height="200"></iframe>

then the following Javascript is run, either inline, part of an event, etc ...

var s = document.getElementById('fred');
s.contentDocument.write("fred rules");

the "contentDocument" is the equivalent of the "document" you get in the main window, so you can make calls against this to set the body, head, any elements inside ... etc.

I've only tested this in IE8, Chrome and Firefox ... so you may want to test in IE6/7 if you have copies available.

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