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Is there no way to embed a Google Map into an HTML email?

I have done a good amount of research and have found several "solutions" such as the static maps API and simply sending a link to a Gmap. However is there really no way to actually send someone a Google Map?

Answer Source

Well your own research shows that most mail clients don't do iFrames, so what do you think can be done?

This is on purpose by the way. iFrames and JavaScript are security risks that mail services don't want to deal with.

Your best bet is to get a static image of the map and embed it as an image in an HTML email. Put a hyperlink on it to the "full" map on Google Maps.

To do this manually in Gmail:

  1. Go to or similar
  2. Enter the location
  3. Copy the map image to your clipboard and paste it into an email
  4. Copy the href of the anchor in the section "Map with link to Google Maps"
  5. Select the whole image (put the cursor to the right of the image, and press shift + left arrow
  6. Press ctrl+k to hyperlink the image
  7. Paste the url from step 4 into the Web Address field
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