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How to tell android studio the location of a pre-existing NDK?

Im trying to use my pre-existing

Android Studio
, it offers an option of downloading a new NDK and auto setup , but i want to use the version i was using before i downloaded
Android Studio
, how to tell it the location of the
i already have ? Do i have to set the NDK_HOME environment variable ?

Android Studio
's documentation tells that when downloading the
from the options menu in
Android Studio
it will be under the
's home in a folder called "ndk-bundle" , do i have to put it there ? (soure https://developer.android.com/studio/projects/add-native-code.html)

Answer Source

On my Android Studio (2.2) you can go to File | Project Structure.

You will get the Project Structure dialog. Select SDK Location. You can set the location of your NDK in this dialog as well.

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