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CSS Question

Issue with white space

I have no idea why there is this white space between Contact and the data under it. I tried 0px margin everywhere but the white space is still there.
Any idea how to solve?



a screenshot of the part I am reffering to

<section id="logo">
<img src="logo2.png" id="logoimg" alt="logo">
<a href="#top"><li>Home</li></a>
<a href="#Agenda"><li>About Me</li></a>
<a href="#HetTheater"><li>Projects</li></a>
<a href="#edge2"><li>Contact</li></a>
<p id="contactgegevens">
xxxxxx xxxxxxx
tel: xx xxxxxxxx


Answer Source

You're defining a height (60vh) to your nav and that's causing the issue.

Removing it, causes the height to be auto, and the white space disappears


Here's a Codepen.

The defined height was also causing some responsive issues.

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