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Making a looping statement that populates a vector?

I've tried a couple ways of doing this problem but am having trouble with how to write it. I think I did the first three steps correctly, but now I have to fill the vector

with numbers from
that are divisible by four, not divisible by three, and have an odd number of digits. I know that I'm using the
function in the wrong way, I'm just at a loss on what else to use ...
This is different from that other question because I'm not using a while loop.

#Step 1: Generate 1,000,000 random, uniformly distributed numbers between 0
#and 1,000,000,000, and name as a vector x. With a seed of 1.
x=runif(1000000, min=0, max=1000000000)

#Step 2: Generate a rounded version of x with the name y

#Step 3: Empty vector named z

#Step 4: Create for loop that populates z vector with the numbers from y that are divisible by
#4, not divisible by 3, with an odd number of digits.
for(i in y) {
if(i%%4==0 && i%%3!=0 && nchar(i,type="chars",allowNA=FALSE,keepNA=NA)%%2!=0){

Answer Source

NOTE: As per @BenBolker's comment, a loop is an inefficient way to solve your problem here. Generally, in R, try to avoid loops where possible to maximise the efficiency of your code. @SymbolixAU has provided an example of doing so here in the comments. Having said that, in aid of helping you learn the ins-and-outs of loops and vectors, here's a solution which only requires a change to one line of your code:

You've got the vector created before the loop, that's a good start. Now, inside your loop, you need to populate that vector. To do so, you've currently got print(z,i), which won't really do too much. What you need to to change the vector itself:

z <- c( z, i )

Should work for you (just replace that print line in your loop).

What's happening here is that we're taking the existing z vector, binding i to the end of it, and making that new vector z again. So every time a value is added, the vector gets a little longer, such that you'll end up with a complete vector.

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