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Javascript Question

Ajax can success() handle two type of return?

Working in a C# ASP.NET project with JavaScript/Jquery/jqGrid.

New task is to have a page to i) accept an Excel input file, ii) use the column ID to look up additional information, and iii) generate a new Excel file using some columns from input file and all columns returned from database.

I have completed that, but just want to do a bit more error handling. In the stored procedure, if everything works fine, it returns a data table (or in Oracle term, a CURSOR). If there is an error, I have added a catch block and return an error message.

I modify the AJAX call. Beside adding dataType as 'text', I expect the return as XML.

// URL: url to call that stored procedure
dataType: text,
success: function (response) {
// now the response is XML (don't know why...
// specify dataType as 'text', but get XML...)
// If response contains 'string' tag, report error.
failure: ...

Here is what I used to do. I don't specify the dataType but somehow that works.

// ... rest is same but without the dataType
success: function (response) {
Download( response )
// The file is already and placed in Download directory.
// Call 'Download()' will actually make the download happen
// But here response is just a path to the Download directory +
// download file name.

And Download() is:

function Download(url) {
document.getElementById('my_iframe').src = <%=ResolveUrl("~/")%> +url;
return false

How can I have the success function handle both type of response?

(Just for your information: The front-end page is ASP.NET. Button click will call a JavaScript function. The function calls a web service function via $.ajax(). As there are many rows, the web service function calls a function in a database class many times - each time pass in just one ID. The function will in return call stored procedure.)

Answer Source

you can check if the response is an xml if it's parse it, if not the response is a string. and you can use this function to check if the response is an xml :

function isXML(xml){
    try {
        xmlDoc = $.parseXML(xml); //is valid XML
        return true;
    } catch (err) {
        // was not XML
        return false;

    // POST
    // ... rest is same but without the dataType
    success: function (response) {
            Download( response )
           //report as error
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