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JSON Question

What format does data input have to be for Python's json.loads?

I'm trying to use

to parse data in a Redshift database table. I've stripped out the function to test in a Python script and am having trouble understanding what's happening.

The code I'm using is:

import json
j="'['Bars', 'American (Traditional)', 'Nightlife', 'Restaurants']'"

def trythis(item, reverse):
if not j:
return '1'
arr = json.loads(j)
except ValueError:
return '2'
if not ascending:
arr = sorted(arr, reverse=True)
arr = sorted(arr)
return json.dumps(arr)

print trythis(j, True)

And this is returning

I've tried changing the input variable to
j="['Bars', 'American (Traditional)', 'Nightlife', 'Restaurants']"
but that hasn't worked. What format does my entry value need to be?

Answer Source

Your input string j is not valid JSON. JSON doesn't allow the use of single quotes (') to denote string values.

Try switching the quotes: '["Bars", "American (Traditional)", "Nightlife", "Restaurants"]'

The JSON specification is an excellent resource for determining if your input is valid JSON. You can find it here:

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