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jQuery Question

How to replace url parameter with javascript/jquery?

I've been looking for an efficient way to do this but haven't been able to find it, basically what I need is that given this url for example:


I'd like to be able to change the URL in the
parameter with another value using javascript or jquery, is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

Wouldn't this be a better solution?

var text = 'http://localhost/mysite/includes/phpThumb.php?src=http://media2.jupix.co.uk/v3/clients/4/properties/795/IMG_795_1_large.jpg&w=592&aoe=1&q=100';
var newSrc = 'www.google.com';
var newText = text.replace(/(src=).*?(&)/,'$1' + newSrc + '$2');


added some clarity in code and kept 'src' in the resulting link

$1 represents first part within the () (i.e) src= and $2 represents the second part within the () (i.e) &, so this indicates you are going to change the value between src and &. More clear, it should be like this:

src='changed value'& // this is to be replaced with your original url
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