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Javascript Question

How to add image slider in email newsletter?

I have been created email newsletter using mailchimp

Now i want to add image slider with responsive design,

But i have been searched lot online..

Some online docs says can't able to add image slider in email newsletter.

For example this link told., its impossible.

So, may i know, what is the exact link, to achieve this one?

Any help would be highly appreciated,

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

unfortunately you cannot do it. Neither CSS3 sliders nor JS sliders will work in HTML email.

NO-JS in Email newsletter. Proof?

Inside the <head> of your email newsletter simply insert:

<script>alert("JS WORKS! ...not");</script>

Sent that email - and that's your proof that Email Clients do not support JS

GIF animated image

You could eventually go wit ha .gif animation. Will not work in Outlook 2007 - but at least it'll show the first frame.
Don't exagerate with the .gif animations, since the more frames you use that bigger your file size.
Also don't forget that you're limited with the color palette (256) so think twice:

You don't want the user to wait for 900KB .gif image.

JPG Static image

enter image description here My suggestion is to create a calling and beautiful Slider-alike .jpg image.
Link it to your site where you present your products.

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

This appealing image has just 45KB. Every Email Client will be happy to serve such image without blacklisting you.
Also, see your MailChimp Click-trough rate. Should lead to surprising results!

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